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Watch a special edition of our web series IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE to learn about all the ways you can make IT yours, plus download our new Student Tech Guide!


You'll want to make sure you have the gear to be successful, digitally connected, and mobile.  Having a laptop will be most helpful, but there are a lot of options--we'll help you narrow them down.

You'll want a smartphone for on-the-go convenience and don't forget to grab free Microsoft Office and Symantec Anti-Virus!


We want you to show your ESU pride everyday, but this is to let you know that the University portal, Hornet 365, is your one-stop shop for...well, all ESU online services.  It's powered by Google tech and is available 24x7x365 (see why we named it that!).


There are numerous ways to communicate via chat, IM, video chat, video conference, Facetime, Zoom, and probably more ways we don't even know about yet.  But we have worked with Microsoft to bring you Microsoft Teams, which brings all ESU students, faculty, and staff a universal way of securely communicating with each other.  It's available on almost every device, plus you can invite people who don't even have Teams!  Coming Soon




We want to enable you to be eco-friendly by keeping your data in the cloud--but we know you have to print sometimes, too.  To help on the digital front, we give all students access to Google Apps AND Microsoft 365.  This includes saving files in Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive--including access to the mobile apps and desktop software to truly let you take your work anywhere.  And to print, check out our SkyPrint release stations across campus.  You can upload the docs you want to print via the web and go release them at the SkyPrint station at your convenience.


Catch all the latest happenings at ESU by checking out our digital services.  Hornet TV plays videos, news, posters, announcements and more 24x7x365.  You can also check out the latest postings on our digital signs across campus.  If you're part of an RSO, department, or other ESU group you can post your own digital posters or video!


All ESU students get an unlimited inbox powered by Gmail.  Access it through the web or add it to your smartphone--just don't forget to CHECK IT!  Why?  This is ESU's official way of communicating with you!  And the best part--it's Google.  It's EASY to use.