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What Is The Difference Between Teams And Zoom ? 

Both softwares are great when it comes to online collaboration but they both have their strength and weaknesses

Common points 

Both Microsoft Teams and Zoom offers individual and group communication through messaging and video conferencing, This can come in handy when working when working on group project, online conferencing and so on.

But the question is, when does one works better than the other ? 

What if I am hosting a class with 20 students ?



In this case, you should use Zoom, as for online instruction, ESU students should use Zoom 

What if I want to video chat a colleague from home  ?



In this case, Microsoft teams is the better option as it is perfect for one and one communication and in this scenario, it would be way faster than zoom.

I need to share a file that our team has been working on but I also need to explain a few things when I send it. 

In this case, Microsoft teams is the better option once again as Teams integrates with our existing share-point drive and one drive, sharing files is both secure and work with our current infrastructure. 

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