Self-Service Banner (SSB9)

Emporia State is rolling out the latest version of Self-Service Banner aka SSB9. Student, faculty and staff interact with SSB when submitting timesheets, viewing student records, accessing financial aid info, and connecting with other business functions of the university. In most cases, end users will access SSB9 via Hornet 365.

SSB9 will impact most students, faculty and staff on campus including Registration, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, etc. 


Training and Documentation

Training videos and documentation will be provided for each module depending on the scope of usage.


HOW-TO: Submit Web Time Salaried Employees

HOW-TO: Submit Web Time Hourly Employees

HOW-TO: Submit Web Time Student Employees

HOW-TO: Return Time for All Employees

HOW-TO: Copy Time for All Employees

GUIDE: Submit Web Time Salaried Employees

GUIDE: Submit Web Time Hourly Employees

GUIDE: Submit Web Time Student Employees


HOW-TO: Financial Aid for Students Dashboard



The following dates and descriptions describe the "go live" milestones for each SSB9 module. As new dates are announced, they will be posted below.







Abstract Linear Background

FAQs, Knowledge Base articles and Support

IT has created the following knowledge base articles to support the rollout of SSB9. We will continue to add new items here as modules come online or issues are discovered.

Web Time Entry in Self Service Banner for Exempt (Salaried) Employees

Web Time Entry in Self Service Banner for Nonexempt (Hourly) Employees

Web Time Entry in Self Service Banner for Student Employees

Correct Timesheet Entry


For technical support or assistance with Hornet Login, please contact the IT Help Desk. For functional support (ex. "How do I...?") for each module, please contact the module owner as identified on this page.

EMPLOYEE TIMESHEET - contact Natalie Spellman or Anna Hanson, Payroll, (620)341-5369

FINANCIAL AID - Contact Thad Davidson, Financial Aid, (620)341-5457


Project Objectives

1. Current Analysis

  • Identify all Oracle forms customizations that need to be developed.

  • Add Banner Extensibility.

  • Determine infrastructure needed for Banner 9.

​2. Software Development

  • Build the new custom forms and develop modifications.

3. Deployment and Testing Plan

  • Review new Banner 9 Admin pages with stakeholders to confirm how the new pages and applications solve business needs.

  • Develop a secure Banner 9 deployment and testing plan that mitigates impact for functional units and IT Applications.

4. Implementation

  • Implement Banner 9 modules with testing, training, documentation, and support.