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Recommended Equipment

Supported Devices


Windows Laptop

  • Windows 10

  • Office + Teams

  • Webcam



  • MacOS Catalina

  • Office + Teams



  • Any iPad that supports iPadOS (iOS 13, Fall 2019)

  • External keyboard recommended

Do I need a university laptop ?

In some cases, you will need to use a University-provided laptop for secure access. The following details when you need a University-provided laptop based on the software and services you use. IT is reaching out to departments to help supply you with the appropriate equipment. See below for more info. If you have not heard from us, please complete the Technology Resource Request Form.

1. If you FREQUENTLY access ESU Secure Services (such as Banner Admin Pages, Cognos, X: Drive)

a. If you are in ESU Secure Services for the majority, or even a good portion, of your work day to complete your tasks, or      will be using the Jabber phone client to answer your department’s main line office calls, you need to have an ESU-owned device and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, which creates a secure channel to ESU from off-campus.

Click Here for Full List of ESU Secure Services

b. IT has gathered available laptops from across campus and is currently configuring them for work-at-home purposes. We are compiling a list of users previously identified as needing VPN access and ESU device. We will notify departments as soon as they are available for checkout. Individuals will have to pick them up in person from the IT Help Desk.

2. If you only SOMETIMES use ESU Secure Systems (such as Banner Admin Pages, Cognos, X: Drive)

a. If you only access an ESU Secure System once a day, or every few days, you may use your home computer and login to SkyLab to access those secure systems. It will be easier and more efficient than using a VPN.

Click Here for Full List of ESU Secure Services

3. If you do not use ESU Secure Systems

a. You do not need to use a VPN or SkyLab for ESU’s Cloud Services

Click Here for Full List of ESU Cloud Services


It is critical that you follow security best practices to stay safe online, even when working remotely. Here are the top tips to keep in mind.

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