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What is MFA?

Simply put, MFA or Multi-factor Authentication means you provide multiple, or in our case, two pieces of info when you log in. You're used to providing one--your password. Now, when we enable your account for MFA, you'll provide two.

That second factor is fairly easy. There are multiple ways you can do so (see our guide for more details), but most will choose using a smartphone app or getting a text on their smartphone. You'll provide your info in an easy, first time setup, then when you go to log in, you'll be texted a code to enter. You may recognize this from Apple and other online vendors who are requiring MFA on their own services.

What Services are Impacted?

Right now, MFA is going to cover ESU's Office 365 services--Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and any of the others services that are part of Microsoft's Online suite. It doesn't impact Canvas, Zoom, or any non-Microsoft service at this time. (*Users of PhotoShelter may be impacted as it does use Microsoft services)

When Does it Impact Me?

We will not be enabling MFA on all users at once. We'll be rolling it out by group. See our full rollout plan to find out where your department is at in the schedule.

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