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Student Checklist

Are you ready to study from home? Here's our handy checklist to help ESU students be prepared.

Your Computer 

You will need access to a Windows laptop, MacBook, iPad/iPhone. Learn more about the suggested equipment needed

If you do not have a device, please check with your faculty member.

Your Email 

Have access to Gmail, and have verified I can contact my ESU professors. Make sure to check your email often for updated communications!


Have access to reliable, uninterrupted Internet. If you do not have Internet access, check the options available on the Suggested Equipment page.


Check that you have access to Canvas, and have made sure that all my courses are available and that you can access them. Check back here for any updates from your instructor.


Make sure you have installed Zoom, and have tested that the audio and video works on your device.

Your Computer 

Install Microsoft Office, and test to make sure all the office apps work. You can download it from TechSite.


SkyLab is ESU's online, virtual computer lab. If you have a class that is using it, you will be notified by your instructor (or are already using it). Just in case, test logging in to make sure it works on your device. Access SkyLab or learn more about SkyLab.

File Storage

You will want to have a place to store and share files, especially for collaborating with others students. As an ESU student, you access to OneDrive or Google Drive. Access them both from Hornet 365.

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