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How do you get Teams?


Go to


Click "Get Teams".


You'll be taken to a Microsoft page that will detect the appropriate version for your device.  Click "Download Now."


Run the installer or follow the prompts for your device.


Now that you have Teams, it's time to log in.


When prompted, enter and then when prompted your ESU password.


And remember to make sure you use, even if you don't have an email account.


And that's it, you're now all set to begin using Microsoft Teams at ESU.

Downloading and Logging in to Teams


You can chat with one, two or as many ESU users as you'd like.  But for ESU groups and student organizations, we can set up a special team that has your members preloaded for you.


This is called a SharePoint Group for Students.


In addition to maintaining a list of group members, your SharePoint Group will also provide online file storage for hosting any files you share within Teams.


To request one, go to, click Teams for Students.  Scroll down to Groups.  Click "Request a SharePoint Group for Students".  Only advisors or organizational leadership should make requests.


Once your request is approved by CSI, you'll be able to access your new Group by clicking the "Teams" icon from the left hand menu bar within the Teams application.


Once we've set up your Group, you can add or remove membership through the web portal or via the IT Help Desk.

More Information on using Teams as part of an ESU Student Group

SharePoint Groups for Students


You can chat with one, two or as many ESU users as you'd like.


Simply click the "New Chat" icon.


Enter the name or username of the user or users you'd like to chat with.


You can chat individually, or add as many users to your chat as you'd like.


Now that you've added your users, it's time to talk!  Start typing, send them an emoji, send them a file--whatever you'd like.


And the best part, your chat history is retained from day one.  You'll never have to wonder if you shared that file or remembered to share a message--it's al there to search or scroll through.  We like to say it goes back to the beginning of time--at least the time you started using Teams!

How to Chat + Chat History


You can do a video call with one, two or as many ESU users as you'd like.


Simply click the "New Chat" icon.


Enter the name or username of the user or users you'd like to call.


You can video call an individual or add as many users to your group call as you'd like.


With one click, you can start a video call with your entire group!


And if you or your users don't have a webcam, they can still join via audio.


With Microsoft Teams, you have one click communication with individuals--however you prefer to collaborate.

How to Video Chat


Go to


Click Login.


Enter your username in the form of  Yes, use, even if you don't have an email address.  In Microsoft land, it's just part of your account.  And remember you can't use your address--that's Google only.


Once you've entered your username, enter your ESU password.


And that's it.  The web-based version of Teams will load and you're all set to begin chatting, calling or collaborating!

Using Teams on the web


Sharing files is easy within Teams.  Start a new chat or go to an existing one.  Or if you are an ESU group or organization, click Teams and then your Group.


Now, click the paper clip icon and select the file you'd like to share.  Type a message if you'd like, then click the "send" icon.


That's it!  Now you've shared the file within anyone in that chat or Group.


To see your previously shared files, click Files at the top of the chat window.

Sharing Files
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