Hornet Login + Duo

Now, more than ever, access to your resources must be convenient, but highly secure. Emporia State University is evolving our current ESU username and password to the next level with HORNET LOGIN. While students won't see any noticeable change, employees will be enrolled in DUO, our next generation two-factor authentication service.

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Two-Factor Security

Hornet Login is a two-factor authentication that adds a new layer of security to your ESU username and password. The first wave was enabled for our Microsoft services in Winter 2020/Spring 2021. Now, we're expanding the capabilities to cover more services. To do this, we'll need to re-enroll our devices.

What is Two-Factor?

Two-factor or Multi-factor Authentication means you provide multiple, or in our case, two pieces of info when you log in. You're used to providing one--your password. Now, when we enable your account for DUO, you'll provide two.

That second factor is fairly easy. There are multiple ways you can do so (see the options for more details), but most will choose using a smartphone app or getting a text on their smartphone. You'll provide your info in an easy, first time setup, then when you go to log in, you'll be texted a code to enter. You may recognize this from Apple and other online vendors who are requiring two-factor on their own services.


DUO Schedule + Early Enrollment Option

Hornet Login with DUO will roll out employees beginning August 2021 and continue through the fall 2021 semester. Please view our tentative schedule, but be aware we will be communicating with you directly prior to enabling your account for two-factor authentication.

For those wanting to enroll early, we have an option available! You'll need to request access beforehand. You can read more about the Early Enrollment in Duo process on this site.

How-To Videos

How to Enroll Your Smartphone Using the Duo App

How to Enroll Using a Hardware Token with Hornet Login + Duo

How to Enroll Using SMS with Hornet Login + Duo

Something You Know, Something You Have - Why Duo?

ESU Systems Using Hornet Login + DUO for Employees

  • Hornet 365

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  • Banner 9 Admin pages

  • Student Services in Hornet 365

  • Microsoft 365

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • Outlook

  • Canvas

  • Zoom

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • mPerson8r

  • Panopto

  • OnBase

  • VPN