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WHO? All current ESU students, faculty, & staff

WHAT? Set your challenge questions.

WHY? You will not be able to set or change your password if you do not set your challenge questions now.

HOW? IT Help Desk sent you a customized email on 9/21/2021. Follow the instructions in the email or visit Hornet 365.

Password self-service

about password self-service

Have you ever had trouble re-setting your password?  Or remembering your challenge questions in case you forgot your password?  Or have you ever locked yourself out of your account because you mistyped it too many times?


Hornet Login now includes a new feature to help you manage your password called Password Self-Service. By using this tool you can reset your password or unlock your account in a more user-friendly, intuitive way.

Password Self-Service can be accessed via a website, a mobile app and on the lock screen of ESU department computer running Windows.

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Early Enrollment

key features

  • Easy to Use

  • Available on Web and via Mobile App

  • 24x 7 Access! No need to wait until the Help Desk is open!

  • Windows departmental computers on campus can be unlocked from the lock screen (if your password expires)

  • When setting your new password, Password Self-Service will tell you what you're missing from the requirements. (For example, if you're missing a capital letter or special character when typing your new password)

  • You'll be notified BEFORE your password expires via email. Ten days before, three days before and finally, the day before. Make sure you observe careful security protocols (see below) with these email notifications!




You will receive a notification 10 days before, 3 days before and one day before your password will expire. We encourage you to never respond to emails about your account or password that you haven't initiated yourself. When we send these notification emails about your Hornet Login password, you will note 3 important details.

  • We will include ESU's Hornet Login icon. (picture here)​

  • We will send them from the IT Help Desk.

  • We will not include any links or clickable options to change your password in the email itself. Always go to Hornet 365 or use the Password Self-Service mobile app to change your password.

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